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01.20.2011 Ignite Chelsea 2 presenters selected!

Wow. These folks are not just presenters. Not just bold enough to stand up in front of their town for 5 minutes of high expectations. No, these people are revolutionaries!

Wait till you hear from them…. you’ll see.

Feb 11, 7pm in the vacant (and therefore imminently edgy) space at the Clocktower Commons next to Las Fuentes.

FREE PIZZA from Jets!


02.14.2011 Speaker Proposals Due Today!

YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT: Submit your speaking proposal over there on the Speak! page of this site by the stroke of midnight this Friday January 14th. All you need for that is your name, a super-brief bio (like, who you are, where you work, how to reach you), and a short paragraph describing your talk. You do NOT need to submit any slides at this point.